Friday, September 10, 2010

Visual Aides via YouTube for Chapters 1-5

I used my spare time to find some videos on YouTube (for songs and visual lectures) for concepts students typically struggle to understand from Chapters 1-5. These shouldn't replace reading the text or lecture attendance, rather they should be used to supplement studying and to give you a visual of the main concepts. Anyway, attend SI sessions to create more memory devices in-line with understanding theories and concepts.

Here it goes...
    • Cell Theory Rap (kids rapping - I found it humorous - don't forget cell is the smallest functional living thing and differ in size, shape, subcellular components, and function e.g. nerve cells and red blood cells - two different cells with different shapes/functions/components):
        Drop me an e-mail/comment if you find any other good ones!! I know I barely scratched the surface - but I tried to give you a variety of videos made over these subjects. YouTube is definitely a friend! And I'm sure there are other websites out there that help students understand these particular concepts. Don't ignore the opportunity to succeed. Use resources around you for help - we live in the information age.

        Good luck everyone!

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