Friday, September 10, 2010

Visual Aides via YouTube for Chapters 1-5

I used my spare time to find some videos on YouTube (for songs and visual lectures) for concepts students typically struggle to understand from Chapters 1-5. These shouldn't replace reading the text or lecture attendance, rather they should be used to supplement studying and to give you a visual of the main concepts. Anyway, attend SI sessions to create more memory devices in-line with understanding theories and concepts.

Here it goes...
    • Cell Theory Rap (kids rapping - I found it humorous - don't forget cell is the smallest functional living thing and differ in size, shape, subcellular components, and function e.g. nerve cells and red blood cells - two different cells with different shapes/functions/components):
        Drop me an e-mail/comment if you find any other good ones!! I know I barely scratched the surface - but I tried to give you a variety of videos made over these subjects. YouTube is definitely a friend! And I'm sure there are other websites out there that help students understand these particular concepts. Don't ignore the opportunity to succeed. Use resources around you for help - we live in the information age.

        Good luck everyone!

        Saturday, September 4, 2010

        Recommended Resources for Learning Strategies

        Below here are resources that I've compiled from a few websites. E-mail me any webpages that offer similar or better advice to students - I'm pretty sure YouTube has many videos posted on this topic. This is posted because some of the students in this course haven't learned effective techniques to maximize learning. Therefore, even though some of these pages contain "common sense" information, someone else may not feel that way about it. That's totally fine. Learning can start here.

        I recognize everyone has their own style of learning, although some cannot identify their style - you will be able to identify it after reading the articles I've posted below:

        From Study Tips
        From Academic Tips (these are tips from other students):

        Print these out and implement them in your studying - if you wish.

        Do You Want to be Successful in This Course??

        THINGS TO DO
        • Keep a to-do list to manage your time effectively
        • Briefly review notes before class
        • Take notes while reading (most learning takes place when you write it down)
        • Draw words or concepts to reinforce learning (65% of people are visual learners)
        • Never leave a PowerPoint slide empty - always write something next to it (thoughts, questions, mnemonic devices, et cetera)
        • Bring questions from homework before, after, or during class to the teacher. 
        • Pinpoint weaknesses and attempt to make them your strengths
        • Attend all lectures 
        • Come to SI sessions if you need to develop study strategy skills and organization - that's why I'm here!
        WHAT IT TAKES?
        • Self-discipline (don't be a procrastinator)
        • Attentiveness to detail
        • Persistence
        • Active involvement in discussions
        • Dedication and motivation 
        • Optimism and confidence
        • A proactive spirit and focused mind 
        • Setting goals and doing your best!
         Above all, seize every opportunity to become successful. Make yourself proud this semester! 


        I personally feel a blog website would be more accessible to a great number of students versus wasting paper. The focus of this blog is provide resources to help you study. Not sure if I'll continually update it; however, if you need help with study strategies, this could serve as your portal for certain information. Anyway, if you want to see how you can implement some of these learning strategies into your study routine, attend the SI Session meetings.