Monday, December 6, 2010

Chapters 22, 23, 27 Visuals

Some of you have requested to have this up early in order to study for the exam in advance. Well, I've done my best to gather the best visuals posted on Youtube. Hopefully you all find this helpful as you study for your final!

Chapter 22 (Respiratory System):

Mechanism of Breathing and Some Anatomy as well (some of the visuals are real - definitely take a look) - 

Body In Motion Video for the Respiratory System (great visuals! - animation and pictures):

Breathing Movements:

Mechanics of Breathing (2 videos - very short): - part 1 - part 2

Intercostal Muscles:

Quick Sheet here:

Chapter 23 (Digestive System):

Digestive System (great overview with real-life visuals):

How The Body Works Video (shows the passage of digestion component-by-component and organ-by-organ):

The Stages of Digestion (animation that shows a piece of food being broken down by the digestive process):

Quick Animation of Peristalsis (Smooth Muscle contractions/relaxations to aid bolus down esophagus and chyme through the small intestines - notice how bolus and chyme are different words that refer to the same thing, so try to clarify that in your understanding):

Dental Anatomy Video (short) -

Quick Sheets here: (great pictures for learning teeth anatomy - ignore the metabolism stuff though) (chemical and mechanical processes of digestion all explained in a few pages)

Chapter 27 (Reproductive System)

Meiosis or Cell Division:

This video covers most of the terms needed to understand the reproductive system unit:

Quick Sheet Here: (I know this is long, but just go through this and find the key terms you need - and hopefully a visual aid has been provided to help you understand certain terms)

Good luck on your finals and hang in there! Keep up the good work!

Reminder: We have one last SI Session on Wednesday this week (12/8) at 11:30 a.m. Bring your questions!

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